Saturday, 23 October 2010

About us

Design Heroine Architecture (DHA) was founded in 2003 by Harriet Harriss and Suzi Winstanley who met in their final year of a Masters in Architecture & Interiors at the Royal College of Art.

They won places on NESTA's (National Endowment for Science Technology & Art) Creative Pioneer Program (CPP)  and were awarded national start-up funding to establish & co-direct (DHA); a practice that focused on innovative and collaborative public spaces and buildings. 

DHA worked on a number of public and private sector projects ranging from schools to corporate learning spaces. Examples included flexible learning environments architect & designer specialising in innovation and public participation in the built environment, with additional expertise in sensitive and historical sites. During the first two years of Design Heroine Architecture Harriet & Suzi also worked design researchers for the Helen Hamlyn Centre, developing a consortium funded study into the future of workplace design in response to an ageing society, that resulted in their first design research publication.

This project established their capabilities in design research projects, particularly in working with private sector organisations to generate industry accessible and relevant design directives. Within DHA they continued to build on this capability, working with a wide variety of public and private sector clients on commissions whose outputs ranged from Workstage A-D concept designs, research publications, events, organizational strategy and even films.

In 2007, Suzi and Harriet decided to change direction - Harriet travelled to Rome to take up a Landscape Architecture Fellowship at the British Academy and Suzi became a Senior Architect at Penoyre & Prasad Architect, where she continues to lead large scale school design projects. Harriet is currently teaching and researching at Oxford Brookes University.

This archive is intended to provide a resource to anyone interested in what brave new architectural practices can look like, what it means to take risks, be adaptable and resourceful and in recognition of the value of diversification within architecture. 


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